Without Installing Any App, This Is A Setting, No One Can Open Any Of Your Apps

  • Without installing any app, this is a setting, no one can open any of your apps


  • Often your phone wants families and friends. In such cases, there is often fear that people do not see personal items in your phone. So if you want to give someone else without locking the phone, then we are telling you about the screen pinning Android setting here.
  • Screen pinning option used:


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  • – Go to your phone’s setting first.
  • – You will see many options in the setting. Select the Security & Lock Screen option
    • – Select ‘Screen Pinning’ option given below.
    • – Now select ‘On’ to activate this feature.

    • – Then there will be an option for ‘Ask for unlock pattern before unpinning’. Select it, remember that before unpinning, ask the user a pattern and password.
    • – Now open the app that you have to pin and go back to Recent. In it the user will see the sign of ‘Pin’, click on it.

    • For example, if a user pins the gallery and gives their friend mobile, then they can not open anything other than the gallery.

Updated: December 27, 2018 — 7:38 pm

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