With Dialing The Code The Dialer Will Be Locked, The Trick Will Be Useful

We all are using smart phones but do you know about a secret trick? So that the phone’s dialer can be locked. Today we will tell you a secret trick which can be locked on the phone’s dialer. Then you do not have to call someone else’s phone. For that you have to download an APP in your phone. Whose name is. dial locker

Step 1
First go to Google Play Store and download Dial Locker APP. The APP wants a permit. Allow it

Step 2
Now open this APP. There you have to click on setting. Now the new PAGE will be open. Click on the protection password. Let’s pass this password there.

Step 3
Then scroll down and scroll down. Now you have to lock the code under the fast codes and unlock it. What you remember
Keep Code Now your lock is set.

Step 4
Now you go to Dialer, dial the set lock here. Dial any number now dial will dial. You will get dialer lock messages. And do not feel like phone anywhere.

Step 5
Dial the unlock code you set to unlock it. Then enter set password. Now the dialer lock will be opened.

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